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F Ective Herbal Line Herbal Syrup 150ml
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Brand: F Ective
Sugar-free syrup, with plant extracts of thyme, Iceland moss, black elderberry, lavender, pine, clove and oregano.Soothes cough and relieves the feeling of dry and sore throat.Strengthens the body's defense and resistance against the common cold, flu and respiratory infections.It is also suitable fo..
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Brand: F Ective
Vitamins C & DFor the immune systemIn effervescent formOrange flavor1 eff tab dailyF Ective Immune Vitamin C 1000 mg & Vitamin D 800 IU is a dietary supplement with vitamins C and D3 in effervescent form and wonderful orange flavor.Vitamin C contributes to:the normal functioning of the immun..
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Brand: F Ective
F Ective Omega-3 1000 mg is a nutritional supplement with omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil concentrate for heart health.Nutrition facts Serving size 1 lipidcap Servings per container 30 Amount per serving/1 lipidcap % DRIFish Oil concentrate 1000 mg -EPA / DHA 500 mg / 250 mg -Instructions of u..
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