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Brand: FRISO
Friso Frisolac is a special formula for premature infants or children weighing less than 2500 g, children with morphological immaturity, children with delayed intrauterine development.A unique complex of amino acids.Consult a pediatrician before starting the diet.Preparation method:Boil the water fo..
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Brand: FRISO
NOYNOY Frisolac Lactose Free Powdered milk 400gr - For Malabsorption And Lactose Intolerance & DiarrheaSuitable from birth. Infant milk powder for special medical purposes.Free lactose specific milk powder for infants lactose intolerant...
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Beverage Or Cream For The Treatment Of DiarrheaIdeal to build up nourishment when your baby has diarrhoea. It contains all minerals, trace elements and vitamins in quantities covering the individual requirements and, subject to medical consultation, can also be used for longer periods of time.Good t..
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