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Tired Feet

APIVITA Herbal Cream Gel with Arnica 40ml APIVITA Herbal Cream Gel with Arnica 40ml
-25 %
97% natural ingredientsArnica is known for its property to reduce edema and improve microcirculation. Traditionally used for:bruises, swellings caused by falls, sprainsmuscular painrelief after intense exerciseswollen, tired feetrelief against insect bitesExclusive innovation: APIVITA replaces the w..
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Leg Balm with herbal extracts.Pleasantly soothing medicinal herb balm for legs and feet.Allantoin and bisabolene, active ingredients of horse chestnut and chamomile, as well as panthenol have a soothing effect on reddening and uncleanness of the skin.Together with extracts from the Virginian witch h..
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KRAUTERHOF Cream with Horse-Chestnut & Red Vine Leaves 250ml
-25 %
Brand: Krauterhof
Regenerative care for tired, heavy, swollen or numb feet.It combines herbal extracts with properties that complement each other and ensure unique protection of the veins and antioxidant action.Regular use of the cream helps reduce swelling and a feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the lower extrem..
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