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This particular roll consists of a sheet of medical type polyethylene (PE), which is located at the bottom of the roll, and a sheet of paper of excellent quality and strength, which is located at the top of the roll. The plastic sheet, through its high density and structure, ensures the waterproofi..
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The use of towel is a fast, effective, convenient and economical way of improving hand hygiene.The extended range of hand wiping products includes larger, more absorbent towels than usual, making the hand drying not only a pleasant experience, but also quick and effective.Dimensions:25cm x 125m..
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Delicate Hand Towel Professional 4Kg – 29cm 108.054 1 RollPaper roll 100% pure chemical pulp Soft, absorbent, smooth Perforated every 37cm for easy cutting...
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HARTMANN Menalind Molicare Skintegrity Clean 50pcs HARTMANN Menalind Molicare Skintegrity Clean 50pcs
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Brand: Hartmann
For gentle cleansing of the skinAlcohol-free wet cleaning wipes for local cleaning.The range of cleaning products has special products for professional cleaningof bedridden patients or patients with incontinence, has been created for deep cleaningof mature skin with the least possible burden.The ing..
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HARTMANN Menalind Professional Protect Clean 8 pcs
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Brand: Hartmann
Menalind® Professional Protect Clean WipesSkin care products for mature skinBathroom Wet Gloves for Beds (Ready Bath)For washing the whole body in bedside patients. Alcohol-free liquid scarves for gentle and deep cleansing. They are used without water. Due to the rapid evaporation of the liquid from..
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