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Fixodent Pro Fresh Complete Denture Adhesive Cream 47gr
-15 %
Brand: Fixodent
Product DescriptionDenture fixing cream For comfort all day Strong grip Sense of freshnessFixodent Pro Complete is an artificial denture firming cream for daily use, which gives you the freedom to laugh, talk and eat comfortably and safely. Its unique composition helps to kee..
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FIXODENT Pro Plus Duo Action Denture Fixative Cream 60gr
New -15 %
Brand: Fixodent
Denture Fixative Cream Strong hold until the end of the day Flavour-free Fixodent Plus Best Hold is a fixative denture cream that offers strong hold until the end of the day, offering comfort and confidence. It is characterized by an impressive 88% of holding power, thanks to the concentrated com..
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