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ABOCA RuscoVen Bio Gel 100ml

ABOCA RuscoVen Bio Gel 100ml
ABOCA RuscoVen Bio Gel 100ml
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ABOCA RuscoVen Bio Gel 100ml
ABOCA RuscoVen Bio Gel 100ml
ABOCA RuscoVen Bio Gel 100ml
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Gel for the relief of discomfort in lower limbs

Organic product

High content of active substances

Extracts of ruscus, horse chestnut, red vine, hydrocotyl

Does not contain GMOs

Acts throughout the day

Aboca RuscoVen bioGel is an organic herbal gel consisting of a combination of ingredients designed to reduce the feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs. Thanks to the synergy of the lyophilized extracts of Ruscus & Horse Chestnut, the hydroalcoholic extracts of Red Vine & Hydrocotyl and the aqueous solution of Altaia mucopolysaccharides, a high content of active substances is ensured.

That is why RuscoVen bioGel offers firmness and elasticity to the skin and reduces the feeling of discomfort in the lower limbs, especially at the end of the day. Although light in texture, the gel forms thanks to Irish Lichen Extract, a red algae known as Carragheen with a natural coagulation effect, an imperceptible film that retains on the skin throughout the day the properties  of its active ingredients. The composition is completed by peppermint essential oil that offers a rejuvenating effect.

Instructions of use

Apply a sufficient amount of the gel, pressing the special airless muzzle and gently massage the affected area of skin with straight movements from bottom to top.

It is recommended to apply twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening, after local cleansing with cool water, if possible. The airless muzzle keeps the characteristics and quality of the product unchanged over time and makes the application and dosing more practical.

The light color and reflectivity of the gel are due to the presence of active substances and the naturalness of the composition.

Organic product

Suitable for all skin types.


Lyophilized extracts: Ruscus root 0.7% (titrated in total ruscogenins 10%), Horse Chestnut 0.5% (titrated in triterpene glycosides expressed as esquine 17%). Hydroalcoholic extracts: 5% Hydrocotyl leaves, 2% Red Vine leaves. Aqueous solution of mucopolysaccharides from Altai root 69.8%. Essential oil of peppermint 1%.

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